Vegan Hotdog!

It’s been almost seven years now since I stopped eating pork products. So that means no bacon and hot dogs for moi. Some would say I am weird but I do not regret a thing. This is my body, I am responsible for myself- the things I should to take care of myself. And that includes the food that I eat.

no to pork
Photo credits: PETA
Photo credits: Heart of Wisdom

I am still in transition of being a vegan. It takes a lot of self- discipline. Good thing I discovered products that can satisfy my cravings guilt free! So another products to add to my product line. Aside from the nutritional yeast also known as “nooch”, black salt or kala namak, TVP/textured vegetable protein and herbal capsules, we now have frozen items to offer, all vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Here’s to introduce the vegan hot dog…

vegan hotdog2

It is imported from Taiwan, manufactured by Ju Yuan iang Vegetarian Food Co. Ltd. The ingredients include water, soybean protein, soybean fiber, soybean oil, pea starch, sugar, salt, hydrolyzed plant protein, red yeast rice, pepper, chili powder, flavoring agent (sodium 5′-inosinate, sodium 5′-granylate)` flavor . Each pack weighs 600 grams. It has no alcohol and non- dairy. It is also gluten-free!

So now we can cook veganized Pinoy style spaghetti using ground TVP, vegan hotdog topped with the nooch as the dairy cheese replacement. It can also be used for vegan chilidogs, grilled vegan hotdogs, hotdog skewers, vegan corndogs, hotdog on buns and lotsa more! Hooray for vegans and vegetarians because hot dogs can be eaten without the guilt!

Here’s a simple, quick fix brekky I prepared for my husband. He was taken aback when I served hotdogs. I gave him a big grin and said that it’s guilt free.

So I cooked fried rice with lots of garlic and turmeric powder topped with fried sliced vegan hotdogs, sliced mushrooms and chives. I used Nuttelex Kosher vegan butter. The vegan hotdog can be dipped onto ketchup or mustard.


Next time I will post some of the vegan hotdog recipes that you can try, too.


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